Prospering through enriched vision

They say there is not dearth of opportunities if you are ready to work hard. And there are no limitations to growth and diversification if the ambition is strong and fierce. At Alpha, the journey has been immensely amazing yet equally gratifying to us as success has progressed way beyond our expectations.

Alpha inception

The company was established by Jeetesh More in the year 1996 who is an arts graduate of Mumbai University. As of today, total 40 employees work zealously to fulfill the growing demands of the company at different diversified levels of work. With head office registered at Thane, the company is growing leaps and bounds in various fields and is poised to evolve from a small enterprise to a big corporate giant.

The history

Alpha developers have rich background of maintaining and providing gym related equipments and facilities. The start up of the company was in the form of a small venture wherein, Mr. More first provided the health equipments and gadgets to different clubhouses, gyms and wellness centers. Slowly, he took up the maintenance of these places and then shifted from short term real estate projects to big ambitious ventures. His is a story of a self made man who evolved from ground level and elevated to a higher stature.

The Directors of Alpha are themselves highly qualified individuals with vast experience in their respective fields. Quality and transparency have been the core-values of the company which it has maintained throughout its working.

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